App of the Week: TeamViewer Lets You Control Your PC From Anywhere

Have you ever left the house in a hurry, only to realize you need an important document from your desktop PC? If only there was an elf standing by, able to email it to you... TeamViewer is that elf.

TeamViewer is an all-in-one remote control for your PC, Mac, or Linux machines. Installing a single package allows your computer to serve as both a server and a client, meaning you can invite others from anywhere in the world to view your screen and use your keyboard and mouse, and they can invite you to do the same. This functionality is similar to GoToMyPc/GoToMeeting.

Additionally, you can set up always-available password-protected connections to the computers that you own. Combined with the Flash-based client on the TeamViewer website, this effectively means you can control your home PC from any Flash-enabled browser anywhere in the world. (Note: At a glance, Chrome seems to have some issues with the web interface, but Firefox works nicely.)

But the real genius of TeamViewer lies in its integration with mobile platforms. Available for Android, iPhone, and iPad, the TeamViewer app allows your mobile device to act as a TeamViewer client. Your desktop appears on the device's screen, and touch controls simulate a mouse and keyboard. Now you can email yourself that missing file right from your phone.

Having full control over your PC from a mobile device provides endless possibilities. Use your phone as a remote control for music playback from another room! Start a torrent download (legal, of course) the instant you remember a TV show you wanted to watch! Freak out your spouse or roommate by making your computer come alive!

To get started, visit the TeamViewer website and download the software for your Windows/Mac/Linux box. Then visit the Android Market or App Store to get the mobile client! Android users can also just use this QR code.

Each week I recommend a useful, fun, or otherwise noteworthy app to explore. While I generally focuses on Android apps, many are also available for Apple products, and occassionally I'll throw a desktop application into the mix for good measure!

What is your favorite use for TeamViewer? Want to share a story about how it saved your life during the Zombie Apocalypse? Add a comment below!

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Eugene's Gravatar You may also want to try this remote desktop connection or

The first Ammyy Admin v3 is much easier as It works behind gateways NAT without port mapping and doesn’t require installation, registration and specific settings adjustments.

Literally you can connect to any PC within 20 seconds.

Good alternative though! Hope you'll like it!
# Posted By Eugene | 9/28/12 9:38 AM
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