I Am So Idiot

Today I found myself chasing my tail for a bit. This function threw an exception at runtime, which indicates that the argument passed in does not match the designated cfargument type. I spent a half hour finding different ways to verify that both inputs, Group_ID and Max_Allowed, were indeed of type Numeric.


Shady McShadingtons, Exhibit A: Experts-Exchange.com

As a web developer, I often find myself in need of professional help. (Don't we all?) Sometimes all that stands between me and a completed project is a quick Coldfusion, SQL, or Actionscript example. At times like these, I turn to Google.

Much of the time I can find what I need in the first few search results. A code example here, a syntax clarification there. One site that used to bug me, however, was Experts-Exchange.com.


BlogCFC on GoDaddy (or, Why I'm Going Gray at 26)

I've been wanting to get a blog up and running for some time, and so a couple of weeks ago I downloaded BlogCFC, an absolute work of art spearheaded by Raymond Camden.

I popped open the zip file, read the documentation, saw how easy it was to set up BlogCFC, and basically got my hopes up. Then I remembered that my site is hosted by GoDaddy, and as many of you already know, this generally means headache and heartache for a Coldfusion developer.


GoDaddy and Flash Forms

Once upon a time, GoDaddy had an issue displaying Coldfusion-generated Flash Forms in Internet Explorer. I spent a few hours on the issue and found that it was related to a file that was unavailable, for whatever reason, to ColdFusion at runtime. I spent a lengthy amount of time working with GoDaddy's tech support personnel, who have since resolved the issue (good work!). However, I know that other companies that provide hosting may have similar problems, so the following is a workaround.


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